Hive Helsreach

Hive Helsreach
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Monday, July 7, 2008

I've had these guys sitting around or years, and decided that, instead of collecting dust, I should finish up the army and get it on the table. These pictures are here to wet your appetite a bit to the brittish themed guardsmen.
The tunics are terracotta, over black with blood red highlights. The trousers are ortress grey with liberally applied skull white. Pith helmets are bestial brown with a drybrush of bleached bone, and a VERY LIGHT drybrush of skull white. Please post any comments, as usual, including critiques and thoughts on a praetorian army. Enjoy!


Admiral Drax said...


Good to stumble across another Imperial Guard blog - mind if I add you to my list?

- Drax

kilian said...

go ahead. not at all. :)