Hive Helsreach

Hive Helsreach
Battlegroup armageddon defends the lines against the withering ork assault!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I've had these guys sitting around or years, and decided that, instead of collecting dust, I should finish up the army and get it on the table. These pictures are here to wet your appetite a bit to the brittish themed guardsmen.
The tunics are terracotta, over black with blood red highlights. The trousers are ortress grey with liberally applied skull white. Pith helmets are bestial brown with a drybrush of bleached bone, and a VERY LIGHT drybrush of skull white. Please post any comments, as usual, including critiques and thoughts on a praetorian army. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Battlefleet Tempestus

I recently got into battlefleet gothic. I decided that an Imperial Navy Fleet would go well with my imperial guard, so I gave it a shot. Turns out I really liked it: the rules, the book, everything. Very well done, in my opinion, and a very enjoyable game.

As a result of this, I decided to go "all out" and buy my fleet and the rulebook. So, to start off, I have an appocalypse class battleship, an Emperor class battleship, 6 cruisers (gothic class), and 3 falchion escorts. Now, once again, I'm new to the game, so I'm gonna have to play a few games to get used to the system. So far, I have one other prospective opponent who will be playing Chaos, one who will be playing Eldar, and one who will be playing Tau. However, I will point out that I'm not too impressed with the Tau ships, but the They look like they can be murder, especially against my lance-toting Appocalypse class battleship. I hate holofields.

As a result of my "newbieness", I need some advice. If any of you who are reading this are admirals seeking to aid a fellow commander, please do so. General tactics, advanced tactics, or even fleet-specific tactics, are more than welcome. Please feel free to post here and help out.

-Ave Imperator,


Monday, March 24, 2008

The Legions of Armageddon Have Mustered!

Armageddon is a world blighted by thousands of years of pollution, ashe wastes beyond the horizons, and hive cities where people live on top of each other like rats. Worste of all, it is cursed with the attentions of the orks in their innumerable tide. Site of large scale arms production and manufacturing for the Imperium of Man, can the Imperials hang on to this blighted world, or will the massive ork Waaaagggghhhh! Overtake the war-wracked planet?

OK, now...this campaign happened over...well, about eight years ago. I got involved in the hobby and participated in this war at the same time, so it is very dear to me. Also, I just like the ideas, fluff, ect of the war and the planet/system. Yarrick is a bad ass. That being said, the war ended with ork warlord Ghazkul Mag Uruk Thraka (or however you spell it) being driven off the planet, but there is still fighting...and plenty of it to go around. All of my IG that I've collected, although almost subcontiously, have been IG involved with the campaign. Funny huh? But anyways, I thought I would take this time to share my Steel Legion miniatures with you.

My idea for all my IG dudes is to have them be a small Imperial Crusade sent to aid in the war, and in its "aftermath" continue fighting within the sector. Neat idea? I sure hope so! It is not complete, of course, without some sweet Steel Legion platoon or two. I got more on the way (buying them back after selling them years that they don't sell them in the GW store anymore, that looks even more like a dumb move by the hour) so they will number in the sixty or seventies. Lucky me! But, I took a departure from the tan uniforms that they normally sport. I did a light blueish grey, because I can and also because it will probably blend in better with the wastes, cities, and maybe even the equatorial jungles.

How to paint them:

Codex grey coat over black. After even coat, Fortress grey highlights. Did not know at the time that this would yield a slightly blueish color...but hey, it looks good. who am i to argue with the success of a color scheme? The helmest and fatigue pants are catachan green over dark angels green, while the ammo pouches and other accessories are snakebite leather over bestial brown. Metal in chainmail over boltgun metal.

Goggles: Scab red. After this, blood red for an even, rich coat of paint. In one corner, a sliver of blazing orange. The other, opposite corner a sliver of scab red again. Then, two small white dots for the reflection/light playing off the goggles. That turned out great. I intended for it to look like the GI orange/red tinted goggles they use today, and it worked quite well.

That's it for my Steel Legion! Hope you enjoyed this and as always, more to come soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Death Korps. You know them. You love them. I royally screwed them up.

I have a decent DKoK army going now, and this is one of my ongoing "renovation" projects, as many of my models are crappy, and as my skills improve, some models are left behind. These guys I'm repainting in a brown camo sceme, but here is what they looked like a long time ago. As you can see...unacceptable. This particular renovation project is of great importance, because, quite simply, these are really expensive, and worth a good paint job.
I've started repainting them, and due to the thin drybrushing I used before, not much of the detail was obscured. They still have a lot of potential.
Now, my Centaur assualt carrier, it's paint is stating. I will repaint the crew and all, but I like its grey camo. I have a malcador tank with the same sceme, and it too looks good. I'm hoping that these guys will look as good as my vostroyans on the tabletop, and am expanding these death korps to better aid them on the battlefield. Please post suggestions on what to add to my army. I currently have:
command squad
2 minimum strength infantry platoons
5 man grenadier squad in a centaur
a thudd gun with crew
a malcador tank
Earthaker field gun
This doesn't include the multitude of various tanks I have that I can throw in, but they are only leman russ and leman russ demolisher variants. None of those great exterminators or vanquishers...yet.

OK, so here are some of my best models completed as yet. Jerran Kell and Ursarkar Creed. I normally don't like cadians, as everybody plays them and they could have done a better job in designing the models. However, these two baddies are awesome, and really good on the table. Also, they are some of my best paint jobs. I've used them in battle, and lemme tell ya, Kell kicked some space marine ass.

Imperial Guard Frontlines

Hello all,

Kilian here. I've been an avid 40ker since...a long time. trust me. I just had my first army completed at the end of the 3rd war for Armageddon. That was approx 8 years ago. since then, my skills, tactics, ect have improved, and I absolutely LOVE the Imperial Guard. I hope all you other Imperial Guard enthusiasts enjoy this, and input is always welcom. I buy new stuff regularly, trying to create new armies for the Guard and expanding existing ones.