Hive Helsreach

Hive Helsreach
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Death Korps. You know them. You love them. I royally screwed them up.

I have a decent DKoK army going now, and this is one of my ongoing "renovation" projects, as many of my models are crappy, and as my skills improve, some models are left behind. These guys I'm repainting in a brown camo sceme, but here is what they looked like a long time ago. As you can see...unacceptable. This particular renovation project is of great importance, because, quite simply, these are really expensive, and worth a good paint job.
I've started repainting them, and due to the thin drybrushing I used before, not much of the detail was obscured. They still have a lot of potential.
Now, my Centaur assualt carrier, it's paint is stating. I will repaint the crew and all, but I like its grey camo. I have a malcador tank with the same sceme, and it too looks good. I'm hoping that these guys will look as good as my vostroyans on the tabletop, and am expanding these death korps to better aid them on the battlefield. Please post suggestions on what to add to my army. I currently have:
command squad
2 minimum strength infantry platoons
5 man grenadier squad in a centaur
a thudd gun with crew
a malcador tank
Earthaker field gun
This doesn't include the multitude of various tanks I have that I can throw in, but they are only leman russ and leman russ demolisher variants. None of those great exterminators or vanquishers...yet.

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