Hive Helsreach

Hive Helsreach
Battlegroup armageddon defends the lines against the withering ork assault!

Friday, August 14, 2009

More Praetorians Arrive In-Theater

The men of the Praetorian 324th arrive on Armageddon to bolster the beleagred Imperial forces!

I decided to do a photodump of all my praetorians so far. Not pictured here is...well..the REST of my praetorians. Most notably my Standard bearer, who I am particularly proud of. These will come later, but they have been completed and even gotten touched up since my unfortunate varnishing accident. This is just to wet your whistle while I'm away on vacation and can't take more pics.

Note the plash of blood on one of the pith helmets!


the other Kevin said...

Looking good from what I can see. I can't seem to get the pictures any bigger.

kilian said...

Thanks! Yeah, I'm running into camera problems. MAybe when I win the lottery...

-taps chin in thought-