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Hive Helsreach
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long time no post!
Well, after a brief (OK long) interlude, got a lot of major projects. Just about all of them are repainting my existing miniatures and bringing them all "up to date". My steel legion, as promised, have grown...alot. And need to be stripped and painted in most cases. Yes...all 70 of them. Yuck. But I have high hopes, and am thinking of an alternate color scheme from that odd powder blue/grey. thinking of just goin traditional with them, with the tan coats.

Another upcoming one is my death korps. They are getting a HUGE overhaul, and so far they look friggin' great. went with the traditional krieg color forge world uses. Shadow grey. Highlighted with mixes of shadow grey and bleached bone, and it looks good. The armor is boltgun metal with HEAVY black ink. Great subdued look, looks like steel, but very dull and blends in with the rest perfectly. when their done you can be sure I'll have them posted. I got my praetorians all done, having to do minor touchups on the red after my varnish made them look...erm...weathered? fluffy? powdered? not sure how to describe it. But soon enough you will get to see them all...I promise! Next week ill take the pictures, as well as a surprise treat for you. I promise...youll like it. Big hint: higgins boat.


Col. Corbane said...

Welcome back to blogging mate.

kilian said...

Been a while. Need to get this thing back off the ground. Gonna show off all my prett little figures ^^